Doom (9)

Published by congusbongus on 2021-08-24

Stuck on Mars for insubordination, you are a marine who has just arrived at the dullest assignment in the system. They say your employer, UAC, are performing secret experiments to do with teleportation, but what could go wrong with that?

Sand (10)

Published by congusbongus on 2021-08-24

The treacherous Clan Tantalus are amassing an army of super solders. You are an elite Kardausar soldier of the Emperor; travel to the harsh planet of Sand, the Tantalus fief, and carry out His will.

Blame! (17)

Published by congusbongus on 2021-11-03

Blame! - v.0.3 

a C-Dogs addon by Corra

Freely based upon the works of Tsutomu Nihei